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Planetary Transits! October 30 - November 16, 2018

Comin’ at you live from the Eugene Masonic Cemetery, I wanted to tell you that the next few weeks bear witness to six important astrological changes that deserve a bit of attention from us, as we enter into them:

October 30th - Mercury enters Sagittarius (☿ —> ♐︎)

October 31st - Venus retrograde enters Libra ( ♀︎ —> ♎︎)

November 6th - Uranus enters Aries (♅ —> ♈︎)

November 8th - Jupiter enters Sagittarius (♃ —> ♐︎)

November 16th - Venus stations direct

November 16th - Mercury stations retrograde

Remaining aware of these energies helps us work through the changes of consciousness and experience they initiate in our world. Leave me a comment to let me know how you’re doing as the veil between worlds thins. These planets are ushering in change! xo CF

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