Tracing the shadow of astrology and art


“An essential part of my self-care routine”

“Without my weekly check in’s with Cristina, I would be lost! I’ve worked with some wonderful astrologers throughout my life, but Cristina’s gift for translating the messages of the universe into applicable guidance is uniquely supportive. She is brilliant, sensitive, and harmoniously attuned to nature, allowing her to read the planetary weather and cosmic energies around us with uncanny accuracy. Her background in art history, folklore and mythology, lends her readings (both Tarot and Astrology) an allegorical quality, ripe with poetic imagery, compassion for the seeker’s humanity, and poignant insights. I’m completely hooked! My monthly astrology readings and near weekly tarot readings have become an essential part of my self care routine.” —A.B.

“A timeless guide...”

I have forever loved astrology and often seek out ways to connect to myself via the stars. Reading the natal chart created by Cristina gave me a profound insight into the way that the stars uniquely impact my world. The chart was beautifully written and rang true for me in a way that no other astrological writing has. I have consulted my chart time and time again as it serves as a timeless guide. The chart is poetic and powerful and it has been a tool of self discovery that I didn’t know I needed until I found it. I am forever grateful to Cristina for illuminating my stars.

— A.S.

“Personal and full of intent.”

“One of the best readings I have ever had.”

The reading report that I received from Cristina is totally amazing and accurate. The in-depth, thoughtful explanation gives the reader a deeper insight of oneself. It is mind-blowing. It is one of the best readings I have ever had in my life!

“Though I love astrology, I’ve always had a hard time truly understanding and incorporating a lot of information that I’ve either found on my own or have been given in past readings. Cristina, however, has a way of taking her expansive knowledge and making it approachable without losing the real-ness in her readings. Her truthful and kind insights helped me to make connections at a very transitional and tough time, leaving me empowered and confident. It doesn’t hurt that you can also very clearly feel how much she cares when you hear/read her words.

Cristina’s work is so thoughtful - my mind and heart and soul are exploding. I added the tarot card pull to my reading as well, and even though we’re doing this over cyberspace, it feels so personal and full of intent. Thank you!!”


“Beautiful and lyrical, I love this chart reading”


“I had goosebumps…”

I have had many chart readings over the years but this one was so on target that I had goosebumps reading parts of it. Very well prepared. I can’t say enough…


I’ve had my chart reviewed before but this was the most organized and comprehensive reading that I’ve ever received. The PDF was very well organized and there were many great explanations of parts of my chart that I didn’t previously understand (angles, particular planets in certain houses, etc). After you do your own chart, I would recommend this as a cute gift for a loved one’s birthday present.”

— M.M.


“A sense of calm...”

I’ve had my astrological chart read before but this reading far surpasses any of the previous ones. Cristina’s reading of my chart helped me gain insight into aspects of my personality and gave me a sense of calm about areas that have long frustrated me. She breaks down complicated language into a beautiful explanation of the natal chart and I loved the bonus of learning my supportive herbs and crystals. it’s really a unique experience, I can’t recommend this reading enough!

“A reference I can use over and over…”

Seriously though the book I had printed that she wrote up for me is so detailed, insightful and beautifully written, a reference guide I can use over and over”

— L.B.