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60 Minute Astrology Reading

60 Minute Astrology Reading


At the time of your birth, the planets hung in a particular pattern in the sky. This pattern is represented by the natal chart, which acts as a map for interpreting particular facets of an individual’s life. Like cosmic embroidery, the presence of planets in different parts of the chart brings you your strengths and struggles, your gifts and your shadows. 

Interpreting the natal chart is a powerful tool that can be used to heighten awareness of the self, the soul, and the psyche.

In this 45 minute reading, I will offer my interpretation of your natal chart, the information it holds, and offer guidance based on your unique astrological makeup.  

If you are curious about a particular question or theme (love, career, timing for transitions, Saturn return, etc.), readings can be focused in this way. 

After purchasing, please send your name, birthdate, birth time, and place, as well as any questions or curiosities to me at

+If you would like a supplementary written report after the reading, this option can be purchased in addition to the reading here, which will be conducted over the phone, Skype, or in-person for seekers native to Eugene, Oregon.

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