Tracing the shadow of astrology and art

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This page describes Cristina Farella’s approach to her astrological and intuitive tarot work, and sheds light on her ideas about art and the occult.


Astrology, the occult, and art have always been intertwined. The oldest poets saw the gods in both nature and in the faces of their lovers. To this day, each of us contains pieces of the cosmos, of the divine.

Works of art engage archetypal and symbolic images and situations that activate the unconscious mind. Through this engagement, art is able to bring about feelings of connectivity, intrigue, drama, revulsion, joy, and so on. The possibilities are limitless. In this limitlessness is represented the variety of human experience.

This multiplicity is also reflected in the language of astrology. Each element is present, and the houses of the astrological chart show us, from the birth of an individual to the cultivation of their soul, the blessings and struggles, the gifts and shadows, of life as we live each day.

My approach to astrology is one that seeks to engage with the language of astrology and find its counterparts in the vast history of artistic and literary expression. This is done in service of both providing additional illumination of basic astrological concepts, as well as to serve as a reminder that what is expressed in art and literature, both the sacred and the profane, connects us all to one another.

I am an astrologer with over 10 years experience studying and interpreting natal charts, and hold an MA in Literature + Gender Studies. I would love to serve as a momentary guide for you. Get in touch with me here to book a natal chart reading, or an intuitive tarot reading.

You can find my astrology column here, at The House of Twigs.

To work with me, drop me a line at I’d love to hear from you.



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