Tracing the shadow of astrology and art



Each of us is imbued with a unique astrological makeup. Based on the details of your birthdate, we can erect a natal chart, which is a snapshot of where the planets stood in the sky at the time of your birth. ~ Picture it hanging above you at all times, like an astrological aura, or some fantastic piece of planetary, starry embroidery. Intricate, glowing, comprised of stitches you are uniquely adept at comprehending over the course of your lifetime.

Astrology is like a language. There are verbs, nouns, and steps to full sentence formation that require practice and deep engagement. That is where I come in! With over a decade of experience, I offer the service of astrological interpretation.

Engaging with our astrology is a gorgeous tool for deepening our connection to a sense of self-awareness, self-possession. Astrology gives us language to understand our gifts and our flaws, our strengths and our struggles. No one astrologer, teacher, guide, or healer will ever be able to give you the “answers” to life’s difficult questions. But finding ways to understand your own astrological makeup is an amazing way to connect to all things related to your heart, soul, and psyche.

I am an astrologer with over a decade of experience studying and interpreting natal astrology. I draw on a combination of my familiarity with astrological concepts, techniques of interpretation, poetry, myth, and my intuition. These skills guide me in sessions with clients, as we work together to untangle the mysteries of the natal chart. I support, illuminate, and empower my clients in my sessions. Check out my testimonials to see what some have said about working with me.

You can find my monthly astrology column over at The House of Twigs.

I’m the astrologer contributing to the upcoming Celestial Bodies Oracle from Serpentfire, available for pre-order now! This deck will be released Halloween 2019.

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