Tracing the shadow of astrology and art

New Moon in Gemini ~ June 3, 2019


This piece originally appeared on The House of Twigs in my lunation column, Celestial Hermit.

At 3:03am on June 3rd, the New Moon in Gemini arrives. As the Sun and Moon rest together at 12° Gemini, an as yet unknown doorway opens before us. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, god of language. The symbolism of a New Moon is always that of a new beginning, and as we work under the cover of the dark Moon, we are able to step out onto a new pathway in our psyche, in our soul, and in our physical experience of this life. Let’s take a closer look at the astrology of this lunation. 

All New Moons are potent in their darkness. Without the hype and manifestation energy of a Full Moon, this lunation is all about getting ourselves aligned with the work that lies ahead. You are able now to leave behind this most recent cycle’s pain and baggage. You are experiencing the winding down of one story so that another can begin. It can be difficult to bear, as things seem to fall away from us without warning. But remember that the cosmos has a plan for us, and moving in accordance with the mysteries can only lead us to greater growth. 

This particular New Moon is extremely potent, as it is the last New Moon before the beginning of this summer’s eclipses, which will shake up our attachments around ideas of “home,” “family,” and our roots, as well as our public persona and the path we walk in this lifetime. Lunation during eclipse season are working on their own magick. Because of this, much intention-setting work can and should be this week before we are swept away in the tides of the eclipses.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, god of language, learning, play, inspiration, travel, practical joking, writing, and poetry. In Roman myth, Mercury was the only god who could travel both in the realm of the day as well as in the underworld, as he guided souls down to the realm of afterlife. Thus we see there is a dualistic nature in the god that rules the sign. 

Gemini is an air sign, it is a sign of communication and breath. Gemini also rules the nervous system, and things that come in pairs — hands, lungs, for example, things that can move nervously when an individual is under duress. This New Moon is all about cultivating space via air, via breath, and finding in our breath new ways of speaking to ourselves, about ourselves, and about the lives we lead. The language we use on a daily basis creates the reality we experience, my dears. There is so much power behind the words we choose, the ones we characterize ourselves and our loves, our hopes, dreams, and fears with. 

I want you to spend time this New Moon writing and then speaking aloud the world you envision yourself living in. Write yourself a letter, one that details the life you want to lead, going forward. Dedicate it to Mercury. Imagine the components richly, lavish yourself in hope, optimism, and bravery. Feel confident in your ability to cultivate this future. When you’re done writing the note, read it aloud to Mercury himself. This prayer will be your intention set, one delivered from the intellect through the lungs, out into the common space of your environment—all things that fall under Gemini’s purview.

How have you been feeling though? These days are oh so heavy. Not only are Pluto and Saturn conjunct in Capricorn, they are also retrograde, pulling us back in terms of our grasp on material things, and it feels so hard lately to see that we can move forward. Saturn and Pluto are not only conjunct, and retrograde, but they are also conjunct the South Node, which is a sensitive and karmic point in the chart which talks about past life baggage. This commingling of planetary experience is can bring leaden darkness. You are being asked to banish all outmoded energies. But parting with what’s familiar can be painful. 

I want you to trust that you can let go of old hurt, and in the process find room for something new, something more aligned with your own vision of yourself. An authentic one, for lack of a better term. We come into this life and are told to be a certain way. Language always matters. As we grow up and away from what we knew, cultivating our own narrative is crucial for the development of our psyche. Gemini reminds us of this, and asks us to be the author of this very life. Write your own story. One that makes your heart and lungs shine with pride, one that turns your aura greengold.

Neptune will also be the focal point of a t-square angle formation. It receives pressure from Jupiter and Mars, and in the process we are liable to feel extremely confused. Neptune is the planet of fantasy, and when cornered by the planet of expansion (Jupiter) and the planet of war (Mars), things can seem like they’re uncontrollably strange, erratic, or unpredictable. Keep a mindful watch on your own energy, my dears. That is the only thing you can control at this point. If you feel reality slipping away a bit, remember that this influence is passing, but do try to ask yourself what is being revealed now, too. There are messages in all experience, whether they are positive or difficult. 

The New Moon in Gemini asks you to bridge the gap from this world to the next, to understand that in order to move forward, you need to contain both your own light and your own darkness. Your lungs can sing out, your nerves can direct you to the next doorway, and you can cultivate your own path forward, with power, grace, and clarity. Imagine your future, and don’t hold back. The seeds you plant now will bloom, come December. Infuse them with hope, and believe in their tender roots.