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Weekly Horoscopes - March 4 - March 10

The Week of March 4 - March 10, 2019

A shimmering gossamer thread of a week lies ahead of us, my friends. We are building new worlds for ourselves, and experiencing planetary expressions that we have not yet in this lifetime had the pleasure of knowing. All is bathed in fog, mystery, and plain old confusion, though. With the Sun in Pisces, the planet Neptune is activated, and all the power that comes from it falls around our shoulders. 

Neptune talks to us about merging. That kind of romance or even close friendship where boundaries between your body, your dreams, your words, and the other person’s become questionable. All seems interlinked. Synchronicity abounds. 

Each planet has a purpose. Though Neptune’s is less straightforward than say Mercury’s or Venus’s, we still must sit with and find the power in this planet of obfuscation. Think of all that comes from not-knowing. Neptune holds the door open for us all, entreating us to walk through his doorway which is draped in heavy green velvet. Within the realm of Neptune we find art and inspiration, dream and longing. We also find illness, madness, service, and healing. 

As we move through the rest of Pisces season, these themes will be all around us, calling our attention to what wounds we haven’t dressed just yet. This is not the time of year to try to aggressively get things done, but rather, we should find the space in our hearts and in our lives to sit and reflect on all that has transpired this year. Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac, and as such, our narrative of the past year is drawing to a close. I hope that these words find you in time, before you feel pressure to be productive, or to have definite answers, positions, data. 

Knowing is important, I would never deny that. What I do suggest at this time, though, is a gentle unravel. Imagine yourself wreathed in ribbon, or seaweed, or tulle. Anything that brings comfort, and that seeks to bind your wounds. Not too tight—hurt needs to breathe. That is how we heal, after all. 

We’ll see the first Mercury retrograde of the year this week, as Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces at 29°. Mercury had almost made it entirely through Pisces, but isn’t done quite yet. Mercury will move back through degrees 29 - 16, bringing up events, feelings, conversations, and ideas from February 20th - March 2nd up for re-evaluation. 

Mercury retrograde gets lots of play these days on this here internet, and I’m not quite sure how that happened. What I want to say about this transit is that it is not scary, it is not doom, and it will not hurt you. Planetary retrogrades are moments to reconnect with the past. There is opportunity in retrograde to reconnect with what is in the past, like a little time machine. You have another chance to perfect, correct, or adjust your approach to a recurring problem. With Mercury in Pisces, there won’t be a ton of logical correction going on, more like a fine-tuning of our feelings, our approaches to emotional, psychic, and artistic matters. I welcome it. 

On March 6th we’ll have a new moon in Pisces. Clocking in at 15° Pisces, here we will have a beautiful opportunity to dig in to that Neptunian dream-healing. New Moons are times to set intentions. It’s a cosmic reset of sorts. Again, there is no pressure to have everything figured out, but sitting with yourself and writing out 2-3 intentions that you’ll pin to the heart of the Pisces New Moon is a beautiful ritual for both personal connectivity as well as manifestation. This is the beginning of a cycle that will bloom over the course of the next six months, finding its culmination in the Pisces Full Moon in September 2019. Time is wide, my friends. Be soft, be open, and dream deep. 

On March 7th Uranus enters Taurus for the first time since 1934. 1934?! Yes. Uranus spends about seven years in each sign. People born within seven year swathes all share the same Uranus placement. Uranus is the planet of invention. Associated with Promentheus, the man who stole fire from the gods and thus gave humankind their first taste of technology, Uranus symbolizes electricity, tech, futurity, inspiration. It also talks to us about surprise, shock, sudden change, instability. 

For the past 7 years, this planet has been in Aries, and our associations with technology have been amorous. We’ve used tech to define ourselves and cultivate new identities (hello every Instagram influencer, this is so Uranus in Aries). We’ve used it to explore our world, and to express endless observations about the “self,” which is the realm Aries presides over. 

With Uranus in Taurus, the conversation changes. Taurus is the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus, planet of aesthetics, love, and values. Taurus is slow, methodical, stubborn, interested in getting things right, unlike Aries who rushes headlong into the unknown. Uranus in Taurus will be a time where we are able to redefine our attachments to tech and its many uses. We may learn new things about how to use tech to better help the earth, I can only hope. Revelations about the impact of technology on the earth will come to light. Find the house ruled by Taurus in your chart, this is the house Uranus is entering, and where all this new energy will be flooding in for the next seven years. 

I’ll leave us here for now. So much is changing. It can be overwhelming, dizzying, confusing. I advise you to breathe deeply, and to remember how strong you are. You can take this planetary shift in stride, and spin silk from the energy of flux. 

| Aries + Aries Rising |

This week might find you feeling like you’re running on empty, sweet Aries. There is a ton of cosmic energy that is repeatedly calling your name, calling you to attention, but for the life of you, you just can’t think about anything but staying in bed. I relate. And it’s OK. On the 4th, you’ll receive a boost in mental sharpness, as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. A great day for getting things done related to schoolwork, study, philosophy, expanding your horizons. On the 5th, you’ll receive a burst of your signature willpower, as the Moon sextiles Uranus, just before it leaves your house of self. The New Moon illuminates your house of dreams, and  Mercury stations retrograde in that same house, leaving you tongue tied and sleepy. It’s not in your nature, but take things slow. The next few weeks ask you to recuperate. In the process of retreating, you will find new paths forward. 

| Taurus + Taurus Rising | 

Sweet bull, you are being asked to set the foundation for that future change both on a personal and collective level. The 4th’s sextile between the Moon and Jupiter brings focus to your psyche, and to the realm of hidden trauma, repressed memory. You are so brave, my dear, and you are being invited to find new ways to engage with what lies beneath the surface. On the 5th, the Moon sextiles Uranus, and your intuition is strong. It’s indicating paths to healing, so take note. Mercury stations retrograde in your house of social groups and progress, giving you the opportunity to revisit key conversations you have with beloved comrades who share your worldview. The New Moon in Pisces also brings focus to matters pertaining to the ways you work with others to bring the future to fruition. It is time to lay the groundwork for those big ideas you have about society, and solidifying your role within the revolution. 

| Gemini + Gemini Rising | 

Bright twin, there is a career refresh on the horizon, and you have the opportunity now to set the stage for what’s to come. You’ll get a boost of energy in your relationships on the 4th, as the Moon sextiles Jupiter. Most important for you though this week is that your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde. This is a chance for you to rehash details related to your profession, as well as clear up any misunderstandings people may have arrived at regarding your character and reputation. Mercury will be retrograde until the 28th of March, so hang tight. If you are given the opportunity to change the narrative on something from the past, take it. The New Moon lets you plant seeds for the development of your career and public persona. On the 7th, Uranus’s ingress into Taurus brings new ways of connecting with your unconscious mind. Any kind of meditative practice is advised at this time. You might find yourself tapping into some beautiful hidden insights for your art and for your life. 

| Cancer + Cancer Rising | 

Cancer, this week the planets encourage you to set the groundwork for future expansion of your horizons, both in terms of intellectual matters as well as making plans for foreign travel, learning, or engaging with new deep spiritual practices. Your ruling planet, the Moon, makes energized contact with Jupiter on the 4th, encouraging you to embrace and strengthen your relationship with your health rituals. On the 5th Mercury stations retrograde and for the next four weeks there is an opportunity to redefine your relationship to your mind. Be mindful of feeling blocked on the 6th, as the Moon is in her dark phase, and also squares off with Jupiter. There is abundance, my dear. You are part of it. The change you desire is coming. Move mindfully toward a future plan. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus finds you revamping your attitude toward social connections, and lets you redefine what “progress” means to you on a societal level. 

| Leo + Leo Rising | 

Leo, how are you? There is an invitation to find healing just around the corner. On the 4th, the Moon sextiles Jupiter, bringing you a burst of creative, artistic fertility. On the 5th, Mercury stations retrograde in a very delicate, private part of your chart. I know you don’t like to dwell on what hurts you, my dear. It is easier to put it aside and keep living your life uproariously. Mercury’s retrograde invites you to sit with your pain, to give your hurt names, which will turn into wings. Recognize that what has happened to you is not your fault, and find softness for yourself in your own personal underworld. The New Moon in Pisces acts similarly for you, asking you to plant seeds that will put you on a path of reckoning which will turn into healing. Shining a light on those deep dark forests, or simply listening to the sounds you find within, will show you the way forward. Be mindful of confusion on the 6th, as your ruling planet, the Sun, meets up with Neptune. The fog will lift. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus invites you to rethink how you define success, what it looks like, and how you chase it. 

| Virgo + Virgo Rising | 

Virgo, this week you are invited to do some groundwork in your relationships. You are the master of giving, how are you at receiving? The 4th sees the Moon sextile Jupiter, bringing a burst of energy and inspiration to your home life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde on the 5th, and for the next few weeks you will have the chance to take a step backwards in your partnerships. Find ways to retrace your steps. How did you all get here together? What does partnership mean to you? What does harmonious living look like? Whether you are partnered or not, this Mercury retrograde will give you the chance to come to a more refined understanding of yourself, your needs, what you offer, and what you receive. The New Moon in Pisces offers an even deeper opportunity in this realm. Set intentions around your sense of harmony in relationships, and watch to see what grows over the next six months in that realm. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus finds you reconsidering your approaches to spirituality, learning, and your role as a teacher in this world. 

| Libra + Libra Rising | 

Libra, this week finds you treading new paths to a sense of wellness, of connectedness to the body. On the 5th, the Moon sextiles Jupiter, bringing a burst of optimism in terms of communication with people close to you. Warm words come your way, and you are able to express yourself with great results. On the 5th Mercury stations retrograde, inviting you for the next few weeks to reconnect with your body. They say the body is a temple, right? Well, temples require ritualistic attention and care. Make sure your candles are lit, your incense burning, your fountains flowing. The New Moon in Pisces on the 6th is an invitation in the same vein, as it lights up your house of health and service. Plant seeds now that will blossom into manifestations of a closer relationship with your physical form. This will put you on the proper path to serving yourself wholly, and being of service to others. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus finds you being invited to explore the expanse of your own personal underworld. You express yourself beautifully, dear Libra, and maintain a facade of sweetness and intelligence. Uranus in Taurus will require you to attend to the darker matter, the corners of the psyche you have neglected in your growing. 

| Scorpio + Scorpio Rising |

Sweet scorpion, hello my dear friend. This week the planets invite you find new ways of expressing yourself artistically, and asks you to dig into your creative senses. The Moon sextiles Jupiter on the 4th, bringing a burst of energy to your house of finances. This is a lucky day for money matters. On the 5th, Mercury stations retrograde, and the next few weeks will find you recalibrating your sense of self-expression. You are so adept at social observation, but sometimes hang back. Mercury’s transit through this part of your chart gives you time to understand what it is you really want to say, and how best to say it. The New Moon in Pisces works similarly for you, illuminating your 5th House, the house of art. Plant seeds now that will blossom over the course of the next six months related to your personal projects, your wildest artistic dreams. You are on the path to finding gorgeous ways of saying your piece, whether this is through art, writing, music, or performance is up to you. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus will bring new questions to your relationships, to your sense of partnership, and will allow you to find room for yourself once more. 

| Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising |

Sagittarius you are full of energy, insight, and passion. This week asks you to find time to reconnect with more private matters, matters of a domestic, hidden nature. There is power there, too. On the 4th the Moon connects with your ruling planet, Jupiter, bringing a burst of energy to your sense of self. You’ll have a spring in your step, no doubt. On the 5th Mercury stations retrograde, bringing focus to matters of the home. Perhaps things have gotten away from you on a domestic level, or perhaps there are conversations that need to be had in private in order to clear the air, so to speak. Take the next few weeks to consider what your role is in the home, and how you can best be present for yourself and others in that realm. The New Moon in Pisces gives you the chance to start to make changes in your home life, or take some first steps to reconnect with family, loved ones. This is also a powerful New Moon for starting any kind of ancestor work practice, if you have been feeling that call. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus brings focus to your relationship to your body and how you care for it. 

| Capricorn + Capricorn Rising |

Capricorn, sweet sea-goat, you are being called toward finding new ways of communicating with people in your midst. The 4th’s sextile between the Moon and Jupiter brings a bolt of intuition to your psyche. Messages may come in dream, so take note. On the 5th, Mercury stations retrograde, and from now until March 28th, communication, your communicative style, how you use language, will all be up for re-examination. The New Moon in Pisces is also a beautiful time for you to start thinking about subtle ways to change how you express yourself. You are so damn intelligent, my friend. You have an answer for everything. At this this time, the planets are gently asking you to think about the weight of your words, their impact on others, and how you can best use language as a tool for growth, rather than for restriction. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus will find you receiving artistic inspiration and insight. You’ll be asked to reconsider all you’ve made, every bit of it, so that you can move forward as your strongest, most artistically aligned self. 

| Aquarius + Aquarius Rising |

Aquarius hi! This week signals a fresh start around your finances, as well as your sense of values, and what you deem worthy of your time. The 4th’s sextile between the Moon and Jupiter brings a burst of energy to your social groups, your friendships, and your political organizations. A marvelous day to map out next steps for any work you’re doing on a social level. On the 5th Mercury stations retrograde, and for the next few weeks, you’ll be asked to really think about your money, how you use it, where it goes, what it does. Fog around finances is not what anyone wants to hear, but I think this is an interesting opportunity for you to think about how to define “lack,” “growth,” “stability,” and “security.” You’re a radical thinker, my dear, and I know you can arrive at some new conclusions about the power of your resources. The New Moon in Pisces activates your chart similarly, asking you to plant seeds for the next cycle of financial growth, of coming into your own, and flourishing financially. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus indicates a refocus of attention around your home and family life. Things may change in the domestic realm for you in the coming years. Oftentimes people move, travel, or otherwise make big changes to their homes when Uranus is in this part of the chart. I look forward to what and where it brings you!

| Pisces + Pisces Rising |

Happy New Moon in Pisces! This is your New Moon, my dear. Take this week to celebrate yourself in all your magickal glory. On the 4th, the sextile between the Moon and Jupiter brings attention and luck to matters of career and reputation. All eyes will be on you! On the 5th, Mercury stations retrograde in your sign, which might be a bit dizzying. But this is a cosmic invitation to get right with yourself about exactly who the hell you are. What the limits of your will are, and how you can push past them. What your dreams are for yourself, and how to you motivate yourself to chase them. The New Moon in Pisces is also an invitation to find self love, self acknowledgement, and to revel in a cosmic refresh. Planting seeds now in the name of personal growth is what is required. This is your time, my dear. Dream big, and your giant heart and sparkling mind will follow suit. Uranus’s ingress into Taurus finds you reconsidering your style of communication, and how you can use your words to better achieve your goals in this lifetime. 

That’s all the news I have for you all. Thank you so much for reading my words, and for sitting here in the space beside your voice. 



Christina Farella