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Weekly Horoscopes - March 25 - March 31

The Week of March 25 - March 31, 2019

March 25 - 31 | Venus Enters Pisces | Mercury Stations Direct | Mars Enters Gemini 

Like balm on a burn, this week delivers some relief from the energy of this past month, where many of us felt as though we were drowning, either from Mercury’s intense retrograde in Pisces, or from several difficult and confusing transits from Neptune, planet of fantasy as well as confusion. 

We’ll stride into Monday supported by a helpful trine between the Sun and Moon. Here our emotions and our ego sense are walking hand in hand, a reciprocal flow of warmth between the two entities. On Tuesday the 26th, the Moon squares off with Mercury retrograde as well as Neptune, and this will provide some fodder for mishaps, as squares put pressure on the planets involved, and Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune in Pisces is just… a mess. It’s a mess! We’ll receive some optimism when the Moon catches up with Jupiter in the evening. 

That same day, Venus, planet of love and money, leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces. Here, Venus is in her exaltation—the planet is empowered by her time in Pisces, and we’ll be able to shift gears from love as intellectual experiment, to love that emanates from the soul. She’ll float through Pisces through April 20th, bringing us some emotional healing along the way, and reminding us of the power of empathy as a tool for connectivity. 

The 27th sees the Moon in Capricorn sparkle with Venus in Pisces, as they form a sextile angle, and our hearts will be uplifted, like flowers after a storm. Venus also connects with Uranus, weirdo genius of the solar system, and we’ll find new ways to think about our values, how we maintain them, and which ones can be retired for good. 

On the 28th, Mercury stations direct, praise goddess. We’re not totally out of the clear, as Mercury will be in his “shadow period” until April 16th (we can think of this as the planet slowly regaining the momentum he lost while in retrograde), but we can bet on a palpable relief from that Piscean chaos that took up residence in our chests for the past month or so. Good riddance, sweet Mercury RX. 

The Moon squared Mercury and Neptune on Tuesday, asking us to focus on the discomfort of our emotions, and the confusion that comes from needs around healing that we may be ignoring. On Thursday we have the opportunity to integrate that insight, as the Moon sextiles Mercury and Neptune in his freshly direct orbit. Think of this as a folding in of information, insight, feelings, that you gathered in the final moments of Mercury retrograde. 

On Friday the 29th the Moon conjuncts Pluto, bringing and intense and obsessive energy to the table. This quick aspect is a reminder to connect in honesty to your inner truth, no matter how bleak or dark it is. When you find it, sit with it, bring it up to the surface for some air. The Moon later trines Mars, planet of conquest, and squares off with Uranus, making this a really aggressive and passionate day. Pluto, Mars, and Uranus all seek to destroy the status quo, and do so through violence, without compromise. The positive way we can work with this is to realize that there are likely some things in your life that deserve to be smashed, trashed, burned down, thrown out. We cannot keep all that we collect along the way, and some things we do collect are not helpful, and wind up hurting us. See this day as one of liberation from unhealthy norms you’ve established. 

Saturday sees another helpful aspect between the Sun and Moon, just as we saw on Monday. The Sun and Moon now form a sextile, and we’re encouraged to think back to our feelings on Monday the 25th, and see how we can translate them from emotion to action, as these luminaries activate one another. 

Mars also leaves Taurus and enters Gemini today. Mars in Taurus saw us slowing down, feeling heavy, more purposeful, or perhaps just more stagnant, as the planet of war and conquest is quite uncomfortable in Taurus, the fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. With Mars in Gemini through May 15th, we’ll be feeling way more empowered to act on our desires. Mars in Taurus asked us to find space, to quit being impulsive, and to find answers to questions we have around the way we assert ourselves. With Mars in Gemini, the planet of action gets a green light from the universe, in a sense. Our actions will be airy, we’ll find ourselves intellectualizing our choices, and may feel drawn simultaneously in two directions, as Gemini, the twin, is famous for its duality. 

The week ends on a positive note, with the Moon actively engaging Jupiter, the planet of optimism, expansion, and fertility. Find ways to genuinely connect with your sense of abundance, which you should never forget is always gently hovering over your shoulder. 

Overall this is a week where we’re set free from the mire of Pisces season’s Mercury retrograde, and are encouraged to find new ways to connect with our sense of futurity, our inventiveness. It’s a small cosmic reminder that we can pull through these cycles, and that the ends of these cycles of confusion lies not just an ending, but a beginning, too. 

The Corner of Your Voice 

As promised, we're starting an astro advice section! Rather than give you more to read, I recorded myself answering our first question. It's just more human. Though I'm coming to you through a computer screen, I'm a firm believer in the power of actual connection, and it just doesn't seem cool to give advice or insight in a personalized way through a bunch of stuff to read where you can't even hear the voice of the person giving insight! 

Click here to be whisked away to the audio portion of this project. Of course, if the formatting is weird or doesn't work for you, let me know! I may be a millennial, but I am definitely semi-luddite. 

If you'd like to have me answer a question about your chart, send me an email athouse8astro@gmail.comalong with your birth time, date, and place, and I'll answer these questions as they are received :) 

Horoscopes for all the Signs 

| Aries + Aries Rising | 

Aries, you love to move forward fast, and with the Sun in your sign, this energy is amplified for you—and you deserve it! You’ll be grateful to know that this week is one of change and activity, you’ll find yourself in a much more comfortable space than you’ve been in for the past few weeks. But before that happens, you’ll need to resolve some things. Tuesdays’ square between the Moon and Neptune / Mercury finds you struggling on an unconscious or emotional level. You may find yourself really wiped out and tired, and if this is the case, please do take care of yourself. Venus enters Pisces, and for the next few weeks questions around love and money will be played out behind the scenes. Take time to be gentle with yourself about these matters, as your values can be reformulated at this time. Mercury stations direct on the 28th, and will continue moving through a private, hidden place in your chart. Take notice of details that now come to the fore. On Saturday, your ruling planet, Mars, leaves earthy Taurus and enters Gemini, empowering you to examine matters around communication, language, learning, and to feel empowered in these areas of your life. 

| Taurus + Taurus Rising | 

Sweet Taurus, this week is one of revision, recalibration, and integration for you, especially around matters pertaining to your social circle and personal philosophy. On Tuesday the 26th the Moon squares Mercury and Neptune, bringing doubt and confusion around your social scene. Are you connecting with the right people? Are you on the same page as you collaborators? This is a time to make sure the air is clear before you proceed with those you’ve aligned yourself with. Your ruler, Venus, leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces on Tuesday  as well, and for the next four weeks you’ll have ample opportunity to explore questions of empathy and connectivity within your social groups. Wednesday sees Venus connect with Uranus, making this a day of inventiveness and empowerment for you. Try something new today, or at least try to align yourself with new ways of thinking, seeing, and doing. Thursday, Mercury stations direct, finally, and the Moon’s sextile between the Moon and Mercury/Neptune encourages you to integrate lessons you’ve learned this retrograde cycle, and allows you to feel brave, inventive, and like you’re moving forward. 

| Gemini + Gemini Rising | 

Gemini, your ruler Mercury has been retrograde for the past few weeks. We all always feel that retrograde energy, but it hits you extra hard, so I hope you’re doing OK and not feeling buried by confusion and pressure. Things change this week, so take heart. On the 26th, the Moon squares off with Mercury and Neptune. This will be another day of confusion and tension, to try your best to move through it without extra attachment to negative outcomes. Venus enters Pisces on this same day, bringing grace, power, and inspiration to the part of your chart that governs your career and public reputation, making the next few weeks ones of amplification of your persona. I hope you are empowered! Mercury stations direct, thank goodness, on the 28th, allowing you to find new ways to integrate the lessons brought to your attention by this recent retrograde. Mercury finishes moving through that house of public persona and career, letting you tie up loose ends that came undone the past few weeks. On the 30th, Mars enters Gemini, imbuing you with a sense of bravery, action, and heat. This will be here for you through April 20th, so if you’re feeling bedraggled, have no fear. Planetary help is on the way. 

| Cancer + Cancer Rising | 

Hi Cancer, I hope this finds you well. This week is one of contemplation of your higher, philosophical ideals, so I hope you’re ready for a little clarity. On the 26th, your ruler, the Moon squares off with Mercury/Neptune, which are still conjunct in Pisces. This brings confusion and tension to matters around your conception of “big picture” questions — philosophy, spirituality, concepts of expansion. On that same day Venus enters Pisces, making the next four weeks ripe with exploration of things like love and money and how they tie in to your higher conceptions of selfhood. The 26th may be a wonky day for you, but by 7:40 that evening (PST), you’ll get a bolt of inspiration, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter at that time. The 27th will be a sparkling day for you, as the Moon sextiles Venus and trines Uranus. Inspiration can flow at this time, so welcome it if it shows up. On the 28th, Mercury stations direct finally finally… you’ll have through April 20th to integrate the lessons of Mercury retrograde again pertaining to those themes of higher education, travel, philosophy, and spirituality. On the 30th Mars enters Gemini, lighting up your 12th House. This is a perfect time to try to release from any pressure that has been building within. Mars in the area of the chart that deals with healing signals to us that unexpected things may come up for consideration at this time. A way of handling this energy for the next few weeks is to engage the pain, rather than shy away from it. 

| Leo + Leo Rising | 

Leo how are you doing? The past few weeks of retrograde have likely brought up some really uncomfortable subject matter, as Mercury has been rolling backwards over a part of your chart that deals with hidden trauma and power struggle. Luckily this will be clearing up soon, my dear. On the 25th, the Moon trines the Sun, your ruling planet, letting you feel aligned with your emotions. On the 26th Venus enters Pisces, and brings some gentle love to the delicate aforementioned part of your chart. The next few weeks will be ones of healing for you on an unconscious level. This will be a beautiful time to really find ways to sit with yourself in compassionate self-care, so do make the time and space for yourself. I know you’re so very busy, but there is great value in taking this time for yourself, at this point in the game. The Moon’s sparkling sextile to Mercury and Neptune on this day will allow you to begin integrating information that came up during Mercury’s retrograde, and allow you to feel like you’re finally moving forward. On the 30th Mars enters Gemini, lighting up the part of your chart that deals with your social life. Great energy will be poured into this aspect of your existence for the next few weeks, and it’s best to let your intellect lead you through. The week finishes off with a beautiful sextile between the Moon and Sun, amplifying your power, your integrity, and your sense of energy. 

| Virgo + Virgo Rising | 

Virgo this week Mercury, your ruler, finally stations direct, and not a moment too soon. On the 26th, the Moon squares retrograde Mercury one last time, letting miscommunications in your relationships flow. Try you best to move through this with the knowledge that this influence is passing, and see if there is any information that can serve you going forward that comes out of the muck. Venus enters Pisces on this same day, bringing a gentle, restorative vibe to your partnerships for the next few weeks. On the 27th, Venus sextiles Uranus, encouraging you to be inventive in matters of love and money. On the 28th, Mercury finally stations direct, and from now through April 20th you’ll be able to integrate the relationship lessons you learned the past few weeks. The 29th is a day of change, upheaval and bravery as the Moon connects with malefic Pluto, Mars, and Uranus. Don’t hide your light, at this time. On the 30th Mars enters Gemini, bringing some activity to the part of your chart that governs matters of public reputation and career. You’ll feel empowered for the next few weeks with Mars in Gemini, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. You tend to prefer to hang behind the scenes (which is understandable), but right now there are bigger things calling your name. 

| Libra + Libra Rising | 

Libra, this week your ruling planet shifts from Aquarius to Pisces, Mercury stations direct, and Mars enters Gemini. Lots of change is in the air, and I know you’re feeling it. On the 26th, the Moon squares Mercury and Neptune, letting us have one last crack at retrograde confusion. This impacts the part of your chart that governs your day job and routine, so if things go awry, please keep in mind that there perhaps is something to be learned from the constant mishaps, and I encourage you to try to extract one last lesson from all of this retrograde mess. In the afternoon, Venus enters Pisces, shifting your focus from things that are more intellectual and abstract to embodied emotion, art through intuition, and healing through pain. Venus will be in Pisces through April 20th, and I believe this will be a period of inspiration for you. Venus sparks herself off Uranus on the 27th, this will be a great day for invention and refining your wildest visions of the future. On the 28th Mercury stations direct, allowing you to integrate what you came to realize through this recent retrograde. On the 30th Mars enters Gemini, bringing power and focus to the part of your chart that governs your intellectual power, spirituality, and philosophy. You’ll feel a renewed sense of energy around these matters, which is exciting, I encourage you to explore problems that arise from all angles, as Mars in Gemini is all about rooting into duality. 

| Scorpio + Scorpio Rising |

Hi sweet Scorpio, how are you? This week offers up one final opportunity for mishaps and confusion around retrograde themes—particularly around your sense of health and wellness and daily routine, so I hope you’re not feeling too shaken up. On that same day Venus enters Pisces, where she’ll stay for the next few weeks. This will bring renewed focus and healing to your sense of artistic creativity and self-expression, so I am really excited for what’s to come in Venus’s trip through Pisces. The 28th sees Mercury station direct, and this is an invitation to integrate lessons that came up for you through Mercury’s frustrating albeit eye-opening retrograde. You’ll be able to burn some midnight oil and feel productive as the Moon meets Saturn that evening. On the 29th the Moon trines Mars, filling you with bravery, power, and intellectual force. On the 30th Mars enters Gemini, and as such the way you feel and express yourself will shift slightly. Mars in Taurus asked us all to slow down and root into our values. This energy wasn’t very comfortable for you though, your needs are different than Taurus, the sign that opposes you. Mars in Gemini will be transiting the sensitive part of your chart that deals with power struggle, trauma, and hidden emotion, amongst other things. You are no stranger to this kind of commerce, my dear, but I would advise you to remain attuned to new, intense feelings around these issues in the coming weeks. Remember that what’s being brought up serves a particular purpose at this time, and try your best to engage it rather than avoid it. 

| Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising | 

Sagittarius, this week brings new ways of thinking about yourself as a private entity, away from the public eye. On the 26th, the Moon squares off with retrograde Mercury and Neptune, giving us one final opportunity to get stuck in a rut of confusion and discord (hooray). On that same day Venus enters Pisces, bringing a sense of renewal, healing, and inspiration to the kind of life you live behind closed doors. This is a beautiful time for you to root into any home-based healing practices, and I encourage you to get comfortable being on your own. You are a magnificent social butterfly, it’s true. You love commerce of ideas, and expressing your opinionated self with abandon. That is your strength. Venus’s time in Pisces is an invitation to focus on quieter parts of yourself that perhaps don’t get as much love and attention in comparison to the ones you express publicly. The 26th is a lovely day for you, as the Moon connects with Jupiter, your ruling planet. Luck, fertility, and expansion comes through at this time. On the 28th Mercury stations direct, and you are invited to begin integrating some of the difficult lessons of retrograde time, again around those themes of home and family, ancestry, foundations of the home. The 29th may bring some surprises your way around resources and values, as the Moon conjuncts Pluto that morning. On the 30th, Mars enters Gemini, bringing a renewed sense of energy and vitality to your partnerships and relationships of all kinds. The next few weeks will see you focusing on the balance and boundaries in partnership, so don’t be afraid to ask important questions of yourself as well as those you give your time and resources to. The week ends with a sparkling sextile between the Moon and Jupiter, allowing you to feel optimistic and expansive as you prepare for the week ahead. 

| Capricorn + Capricorn Rising | 

Capricorn, this week finds you recalibrating your communicative sensibilities as Mercury stations direct, finally. On the 26th though, the Moon squares Mercury retrograde and Neptune, giving us one last shot at messing up the delivery of information in all forms. It’s a frustrating time, so try to remember that this is almost over, and see if anything of value can be extracted from the mire. On that same day, Venus enters Pisces, and for the next few weeks, you will be able to explore a more gentle, more healing, more loving way of communicating with people who are in your midst. On the 28th, Mercury stations direct. Mercury will then move forward through your house of communication, inviting you to integrate all that came up for you during the past four weeks of Mercury retrograde. In the evening, the Moon catches up with your ruler, Saturn, bringing a sense of empowerment and focus to your ego sense. The 29th will also be a powerful day for you, as the Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, bringing clarity to your ideas around power, and its use in your own life. The 30th sees Mars move into Gemini, the sign of duality. This transit will bring focus and energy to your routines, rituals of health and wellness, and your sense of purpose in your day job. The planets are moving forward, and so can you! 

| Aquarius + Aquarius Rising | 

Aquarius, this week brings some stability to the ares of your life that Mercury retrograde was putting pressure on — namely your sense of resources and values. That will all come back into focus in a few days. On the 26th, the Moon squares Mercury and Neptune, giving us one last dose of confusion, and for you this manifests in terms of your relationship to your finances. If things get confusing, remember that there is power in having to work through mishaps, even if they are frustrating, because they can bring new light. Venus enters Pisces on that same day, and the next few weeks will be like cosmic medicine for the retrograde confusion you just endured. A renewed sense of harmony and healing around your personal values and how they are expressed and reflected in your life will come through at this time. On the 27th, your ruler Uranus trines the Moon and sparkles in a sextile to Venus. This is a day of connectivity, emotional harmony, and reinvention of the romantic self. I hope it’s beautiful for you. On the 28th Mercury stations direct, and you’ll be given a chance now to start integrating those lessons that pesky retrograde brought to light. In the evening the Moon conjuncts Saturn, bringing focus to your emotions, and helping you forge a path forward. The 29th will be a toughie for you, as the Moon squares off with Uranus. Try to be gentle with yourself, as unexpected emotions and issues can come to light at this time. On the 30th the planet of war and action, Mars, enters Gemini. This brings action, heat, and power to your artistic sensibilities, so if you feel the call to explore new modes of self-expression, heed it! 

| Pisces + Pisces Rising | 

Hi dear Pisces. Your season may be over, but there are still planets moving through your sign, so the party’s not quite over yet! On the 26th the Moon squares Neptune, your ruler, as well as Mercury retrograde. This is one last dose of confusion and insecurity for you to work through as retrograde wraps up—remember that this is a passing influence. On that same day, Venus, planet of love and money, enters your sign! This brings renewal and healing to your sense of self, which may be feeling a bit raw due to the effects of Mercury retrograde. Lean into an expansive and optimistic vibe as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter that night. On the 28th Mercury stations direct, and you will have the opportunity to integrate the lessons about your ego, your willpower, and your individual sense of self as the planet moves forward. Be gentle with yourself on the 29th as the Moon meets with malefics Pluto and Mars. People’s tempers will be short, and words will fly fast. The 30th sees Mars enter Gemini, which brings focus to the part of your chart that governs home and family life. This is like a little cosmic reboot for you, allowing you to focus some positive action around private matters that deserve your attention at this time. 

Christina Farella