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Francesco del Cozza ~~*


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Sunday, October 13th’s, Full Moon in Aries triggers a release from cycle that initiated on April 5th, 2019, with the New Moon in Aries. The New Moon in Aries rang in at 15°, and the Full Moon culminates at 20°. The Sabian symbol that corresponds with 20° Aries is *a young girl feeding birds in winter,* an image that recalls a return to innocence, to our original inclinations of nurturing, connecting with nature, and being interwoven with the natural world. 

Aries is a sign of honesty, action, exploration, bravery, naivete. Aries is the beginner, the Fool, the ram. Leaping from one precipice to another, the intrepid soul of Aries is oriented toward exploring the world as an individual, strictly on their own terms. 

The Full Moon will be complicated, as the Moon strikes a square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, those outer giants of karma and revolution putting pressure on the delicate Moon. We are being pressurized to find transformation, truth, and to step up into the roles we have been dreaming of occupying all along. The Sun’s sextile to Jupiter on this day signals that our ego selves are given an opportunity to find expansion and warmth, and supports us on this powerful day. 

I would love to offer momentary guidance leading up to this lunar release, and am offering this reading through the rest of the week. Together we’ll track the journey you’ve been on with these Aries themes, and find ways to articulate the contours of the seed that you planted in April, and what blooms you can harvest now that the Moon is full.