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Daily Stars

October 10th, 2019 | ☽ in ♓︎ | Waxing Gibbous

The Moon is in Pisces today, and as the lunation of emotions gently swims through the sign of the dream-fish, we are invited to take deep breaths of integration. Moon in Pisces asks us to process deep emotion, and to trust our intuition in the course of our day. Invite connectivity, empathy, and attention to dreams.

At 4:49am PT the Moon connects harmoniously to Mercury in Scorpio, facilitating a gentle reciprocal energy between emotion and wit. We can speak from the heart today, and trust that our words will be deep, sonorous, and well received.

Later on, the Moon sparks off with Saturn, inviting intentional action around plans that have been quietly developing behind the scenes. This is a lovely afternoon to make progress on larger projects, tending to our responsibilities with care and diligence, and for feeling like we’re accomplishing something.

In the evening, 6:34pm PT, the Moon will connect with Neptune in Pisces, bringing about an air of lush emotionality. This is ideal astrological weather for making art, writing poetry, burying yourself in music, trance, meditation, or just connecting with someone, from one heart space to another. We are building towards Sunday (10/13)’s Full Moon in Aries, and as the Moon lilts through Pisces, allow yourself to bathe in the water of memory to find integration of shadow before the tenacious energy of the ram takes hold at the Full Moon.

Christina Farella