Tracing the shadow of astrology and art

Daily Forecasts

June 28, 2019

Today the Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Neptune, and here we have a commingling of the practical (Saturn) and the fantastical (Neptune). With the Moon trine Saturn, we’re given emotional support, and not a moment too soon. Saturn is the harsh planet of reality, self-mastery, and the growth that comes from restriction. But in harmonious aspect to the Moon, luminary of unconscious emotional tides, we are given some temporary terra firma to rest on amidst this week’s chaotic astrology. Use this time to gather yourself, to make lists of what’s next, and to orient yourself to what lies ahead. Diligence is always key when Saturn is involved.


With the Moon sextile Neptune, the evening is one for poetry. Neptune governs fog, dreams, healing and madness combined, intuition, inspiration, dissociation. There’s a lot contained within this weird blue planet, both metaphorically and in the stuff of our psyche. Sextiles are energetic aspects. The Moon and Neptune sing together tonight, encouraging us to look within and find artistic, empathetic expression without. A time for music, and for finding gentle kindness for yourself and others.

Christina Farella