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Daily Forecasts

June 27, 2019

The Moon enters Taurus today, attuning our hearts to themes of the body, the senses, and resources that abound from both. With the Moon squaring off with Mars and Mercury, there is likely a little tension in the air, perhaps you woke with a headache or a worry or two. There is pressure here, and acknowledging it allows the feeling to flow productively rather than destructively.


The Sun sparks a sextile to Uranus, planet of invention, and we are encouraged to find new and creative ways of expressing ourselves, or finding new approaches to our identities. The Sun is the luminary of ego, and Uranus is the planet of shock, change, and the future. Letting these two entities inspire one another, we are reaching for new ways of seeing, speaking, dressing, being. The Moon’s connection to Uranus later in the day also encourages us to feel eccentric, and to lean heavily into a sense of playful optimism. Do be careful not to rock the boat too too much - Uranus is a bit destabilizing. But finding new pathways to the self, and to each other, is suggested here, and amidst our heavier astrology is a beacon of electric hope.

Christina Farella