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June 25, 2019

The Moon is in Aries, and a fresh lunar narrative begins again. Aries is the first sign, the ruler of the first principle, and talks to us about the body, the self, and the principle of individuation. For the next two days, our hearts will be focused here. Examining who you are at this point in time brings great insight.


Though the Moon is in this powerful sign of initiation (Aries = firestarter), we are at the last quarter Moon phase of the lunar cycle. Cord cutting, disengaging, releasing - all of this can come to us today, and help us be unburdened as we move toward the New Moon solar eclipse.


Today the Moon squares off with the Sun, and there may be tension between the heart and the ego sense. Anxious minds give way to nervous bodies. If you find yourself engaging in rituals of disengagement on this last quarter Moon, remember that it is as important to ground yourself into the body as it is to purge negative emotion, energy, and baggage. Finding earth connection today, in the breath, can be helpful. Either that or meditative visualizations of release and purification around the crown chakra, the top of the head, the realm ruled by Aries, can bring peace today.

Christina Farella