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Daily Forecasts

June 23, 2019

The Moon is in Pisces, and we are being asked to recollect, remember, and integrate all that has transpired so far, this past month. I know so many of you are feeling burnt out and shaky. It is ok. This is a tender time. Please treat yourselves as gently as you can, while remembering that you are able to move forward. You are not stuck.


At 2:59am Venus squares Neptune, leading us to over-idealize romantic connections, friendships, and feelings about ourselves and our appearance. A haze of confusion swirls around our Venusian self-image at this time. At 4:17am the Moon contacts Pluto. This may be a day of unearthing hidden truths or other revelations about your shadow, psyche, or past trauma. Move gently with yourself.


The Moon will later trine Mercury and Mars, still traveling together in Cancer. A conduit of energy here is struck between our emotions, our intellects, and senses of bravery. Do not forget that this is here for you today, amidst our more difficult aspects. You can fall back on your own sense of self. You just have to remember where it was in the first place.

Christina Farella