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Daily Forecasts

June 21, 2019

Today we welcome the Summer Solstice. Today is the longest day of the year, and we are imbued with solar power. Culminating with the seeming fever-pitch of the week thus far, at this point in our astrological journey, things are still tense but there is a certain blossoming.


The Sun enters Cancer at 8:54am PST, initiating a new cycle of experience around themes of home, family, ancestry, and the private-self. Always in contrast with the super-solar time of year (at least here in the northern hemisphere), I experience Cancer season as the ultimate nostalgia-maker. The Sun is out, high, and warm, but our hearts withdraw a little, singing small songs indoors and wondering about the past.


With the Moon trine Venus and sextiling Jupiter today, the feeling is romantic and curious, expansive and oriented toward learning about the world and each other.


Neptune, planet of fantasy, illusion, madness, healing, stations retrograde at 7:36am. Gentler than our favorite, Mercury retrograde, this period finds us revisioning the spiritual from here until late November. Neptune is in the sign it rules, Pisces, the psychic fish. As it retrogrades backwards in this sign, old conversations around belief, longing, suffering, healing, the gods, your dreams, all come up again for re-examination. This is a time of gaining some clarity around our spiritual experiences. Keep our heart’s eyes wide open, my dears. There are messages that come through this time of year.

Christina Farella