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Daily Forecasts

May 2, 2019

This morning the Moon connects with Venus at 7:39am, encouraging us to feel harmonized in our hearts. This is a lovely day for connecting with loved ones, crushes, friends of all kinds, as Venusian energy flows from within.


In the afternoon Mercury squares off with Pluto, and we will be emboldened to dig deep into the recesses of our hearts, and speak truth to power. This is uncomfortable though, and as an exercise can only really result in intense interpersonal experiences. This aspect helps us challenge norms, but make sure you’re not dominating others in the process.


The moon squares Saturn in the evening, and we may feel unsure of ourselves at this point. We’re saved, soonafter, by Mercury’s trine to Jupiter, at 8:59pm. Here inspiration and optimism flows happily between the planet of communication and the planet of expansion. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut of Moon square Saturn, remember that you can tap in to the Mercury trine Jupiter energy. Sometimes all it takes is a shift in perspective.


At 9:22pm the Moon sextiles Mars. While this is not the best aspect for getting to bed in a timely fashion, it is an empowering one for us and our tender hearts. Moon sextile Mars imbues us with bravery, sass, and a little combative edge. I hope this inspires you to tackle the day that follows. Dreams will be active, take note when you wake.

Christina Farella