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Daily Forecasts

May 10, 2019

Today the Moon enters Leo. Our hearts are brave, warm, and passionate. Leo is the fifth sign, ruled by the Sun, luminary of ego. This sign’s speciality is self-expression, fictions, dramas of the self, approaches to individuality. With the Moon in Leo for the next two days, we’ll be encouraged to find our own true voices. Our roar, if you will :)


The Moon squares off with Uranus and Mercury today, and this is a heady and tense combination. Moon square Uranus asks us to find our sense of invention, but with the tense square aspect being struck, we may be encouraged to be destructive before we can create. Old ways of being, feeling, seeing, are critically reviewed today, and we may be feeling harsh or strange about the path forward. Make sure you’re directing that energy toward things that need to actually change, rather than critique yourself. You are where you are right now for a reason. It will all fall into place.


Moon square Mercury puts pressure on how we’re thinking and feeling about matters at hand. Mental blocks, confusion, disorientation, feelings of forgetting something, disjunction between head and heart, is all possible here. Tread gently my darlings. You are worth being gentle to.

Christina Farella