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Daily Forecasts

April 10, 2019

An activated day stretches before us, my friends, as we arrive here on this Wednesday. In the small hours, the Sun squares off with Saturn, planet of self-mastery and restriction. This brings pressure to our ego senses at this time, as Saturn bears down on our self-image. There is a tendency here to feel anxious, worried, or like we’re not quite doing enough to advance our causes, or reach our goals. Rather than cave to this pressure (which is very real), find ways to fine-tune your plan. Saturn restricts us and then we are forced to work within a fresh boundary. It pushes us to grow from within, and even though it smarts, it’s worth the effort.

At 3:06am the Moon and Sun spark one another in the pre-dawn light, imbuing the day with a sense of fertility between head and heart. Soonafter, the Moon squares off with Mercury, making the feeling when we awake one of tightness around communication. We might be tempted to blurt out information that we otherwise should guard closely. If you feel like a direct conversation will be productive, pursue it. Otherwise, move with caution in communication with others.

At 10am Jupiter stations retrograde. This is an annual occurrence. Much longer than our infamous Mercury retrograde which typically lasts a few weeks, Jupiter will be retrograde from today, April 10, through August 10, 2019. I will devote a longer post to this event later today, I hope, but for now, we can understand this event as a turning inwards around the themes of expansion, fertility, and abundance. Jupiter retrograde is a time where we look to our sense of values, our sense of growth, and ask ourselves where we can hem things in a bit. Where we can cut some excess loose, refine our vision, redefine our terms. This will help us find alignment with our path toward wholeness.

The Moon opposes Jupiter soonafter, and here our hearts expand. Find ways to connect with people who you admire, and invite them into your orbit for inspiration.

In the afternoon Mercury engages Pluto, spurring us to have intense and deep conversations with those in our midst. Important information will be brought up from the depths today. Here we see that the intellect meets the intuition in an empowered, activated way. Trust the thoughts that come from within, and find new ways of connecting in a purposeful manner. This can bring about great change today.

At 11:49pm the Moon meets Uranus, and our imaginations receive a jolt of energy. Keep a tab on those dreams tonight, my darlings, this planetary connection is intuitive, inventive, and strange.

Christina Farella