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April 6, 2019

This morning the Moon entered Taurus, and for the next two days our sensibilities are attuned to matters of the body, the senses, and our approach to values.

All this energy is cyclic my friends. The Aries new moon is encouraging us to begin from the beginning, to really connect with our most honest selves. Now that we have had the chance to get clear with ourselves about our new moon vision, it is time to start clarifying things a bit. Getting into the specifics of our plan. The Moon in Taurus is the perfect iteration of this, the next logical step after the Moon in Aries asked us to start fresh.

Taurus is an earth sign ruled by Venus, goddess of passion, aesthetics, and the senses. She prizes possessions as well as experience. She urges us to connect with what is nourishing, fulfilling, and stable.

We can use this energy today to continue our experiment of imagining a future, as the Moon connected with Uranus at 9:09am. Uranus, planet of imagination, sudden change, futurity, technology, is bolstered by the Moon today, marrying our emotional senses to our ability to tap in to an inventive, creative, and inspired perspective.

Christina Farella