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May 1, 2019

At 3:24am the Moon enters Aries, initiating a new cycle of emotional experience for us all. For the next two days we’ll be a bit more inspired, a bit more energized, and a bit more optimistic about what lies ahead. Aries is the sign that learns through extreme experiences of trial and error. Though the sign is famous for leaping before it looks, there is a simple wisdom here-a reminder that we don’t always need to think things to death before we take action. There is power in brash boldness. It places us in new contexts, which is the perfect way to change a narrative, or to find a fresh start.


Mercury, planet of communication, squares Saturn today. This is a difficult energy for us to parse through, because the planet of intellect, language, and ideas receives negative pressure from Saturn. In this aspect, the restrictive, heavy, disapproving side of Saturn is emphasized, leading us to think that our ideas or words are less than acceptable. Self-doubt and anxiety may run high today, my dears. This is a good day for working hard on your own, as messages from other people are bound to confuse and agitate you.

Christina Farella