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Daily Forecasts

April 28, 2019

The Moon enters Pisces today, and for the next three days our hearts are attuned to themes of healing. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is a sign of duality. Night and day, dream and reality, sea and sky, madness and service, healing and illness. So many of us find ourselves caught in cycles of struggle with things like mental health, emotional wellness, or just having a solid grasp on reality on a continual basis. It’s hard. The world is unpredictable and often jarring. The Moon in Pisces phase of the lunar cycle signals to us that it is time to find gentleness for ourselves, as well as for other people. To cultivate softness.


Healing does not come strictly from discipline and rigor, though those two things are indeed important. Pisces knows that to heal, we need to take our time, to linger in secret spaces, and to hold each other close to our hearts. Community, humanitarianism, and the collective unconscious are all extra potent at this time. Make space for others, and in doing so, you will find space for yourself.


At 2:44am the Moon strikes a sparkling sextile to Jupiter, planet of optimism and excess. This casts the rest of the day in a sort of hopeful glow. Our hearts are attuned to our senses of expansion, exploration, and growth. Make sure you are putting in the work required of you, but feel joyful and warm about the course of events, so long as you are acting in accordance with your highest version of yourself.


In the evening the Moon sextiles Uranus, and here again we have an enrichment of imaginative power, a renewed sense of invention, as Uranus is the planet of progress, electricity, and change. I hope you are casting your net wide, and dreaming as big as you possibly can. I will remember to do the same.

Christina Farella