Tracing the shadow of astrology and art

Daily Forecasts

April 26, 2019

Today the Moon enters Aquarius, the sign of the visionary, and for the next two days our hearts are attuned to the collective. Use this energy to continue to push firmly on the boundaries of what our vision of the future looks like, not as individuals, but as a society. Aquarius pours the water, our most basic nourishment. It links us all in spite of our perceived, or imagined, differences. Keep this at the fore of your mind today, and tomorrow. We all require the same foundation.


Today the Moon squares off with the Sun and Uranus. This can bring nervous tension, as well as bring important conversations, realizations, and opinions up from the depths, as the luminaries of emotion and ego corner one another, and demand some answers. The square between the Moon and Uranus makes us curious, sharp, and desirous for change. This is a potentially explosive aspect, but more likely encourages us to be expressive, as the planet of innovation (Uranus) contends with the gentle moon.


At 5:58pm the Moon strikes a sextile to dreamy Venus, which can bring some tenderness and empathy to the harder conversations of Moon square Sun/Uranus. Remember that for as much nervous tension as the day brings, we can also dig in to more Venusian qualities, like harmony, equanimity, and intimacy. Here we are encouraged to make art, to reach out, and to engage the senses.

Christina Farella