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April 24, 2019

The Moon squares Venus in the small hours. This brings an energy of questioning around our intimate relationships, forcing us to ask questions of ourselves, our loved ones. We may feel needy, insecure, or desirous in ways that we previously did not, as the Moon and Venus pressure one another in this tense aspect. Try to direct this discomfort toward productive conversations about boundaries, what yours look like, and what gentle tending to them looks like. 


The Moon squares Mercury today too, which amplifies the need for us to have these clarifying moments, as the luminary of our emotions (Moon) puts pressure on the planet of conversation and intellect (Mercury). Tough topics are bound to come up, but it’s on us to push through. I’m hoping that the reward for engaging in mindful, grounded, and honest ways will bring us through to something new. 


Pluto stations retrograde today, my friends. This is an annual occurrence, just less often discussed than typical Mercury retrograde which gets a lot of air time. Pluto is an outer planet, and carries with it energy that is both about the collective and the individual. 


I’ll spend more time on a longer post on this retrograde, but wanted to bring it up here, as well, so that you can keep it in mind for the day’s energy. Pluto retrograde talks to us about the dynamics of power, power struggles, control, obsession, revolution. With Pluto stationing retrograde conjunct Saturn, planet of responsibility, it is clear to us that this retrograde is about getting some serious work done in terms of cutting ties with unhealthy power dynamics. Anything that has been holding you back, or preventing you from doing your Saturn work (i.e. the work of maturation, self-mastery) needs to be excised at this time. 

Christina Farella