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Daily Forecasts

April 21, 2019

This morning the Moon enters Sagittarius, mutable fire sign of the zodiac. For the next two days, consider what is just beyond the horizon. Sagittarius is relentlessly restless, curious, and vigilant in his exploration of everything around him. Symbolized by the centaur-archer who looses his arrows across the cosmos, Sagittarius is a fiery reminder that we have more to learn, more to see, and more to feel. Settle yourself into this disposition for a couple of days, and see what comes to the surface.

At 11:19am the Moon trines Venus in Aries, and our hearts are harmonious and warm. Venus entered Aries yesterday, after her long, slow swim through Pisces. As she begins her trip through fiery cardinal Aries, we can expect there to be a sense of fresh start in our conversations around love, money, values, and boundaries around all of those things. A fresh start for the heart, dear readers, and not a moment too soon.


In the evening, 8:18pm, the Moon trines Mercury, and our words flow, connected to our intentions. This is a sweet evening for a heart-to-heart with someone important, or otherwise this is a lovely night for some good journaling or creative writing. Let those Mercurial waves move up through your heartspace, and out into the world.

Christina Farella