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April 2, 2019

The apex of merge, of confusion, of communicative haze, makes itself felt today, as Mercury rests conjunct Neptune, both of which are conjuncted by the Moon, all in the sign Pisces. This is our third experience of Mercury/Neptune contact, the first of which occurred on February 18th, with Mercury meeting Neptune direct. The second contact was on March 24th, when Mercury slid back to meet Neptune during this most recent retrograde. Now the third and final pass at this blending of intellect (Mercury) and fantasy (Neptune) crests like a wave and breaks over us.

This is noteable for many reasons, but the most pertinent reason is that this is not an easy planetary aspect. Mercury is the god of language, learning, and inspired thought, amongst other things. He moves quickly, and though he enjoys clever puns and ridiculous matches of wit, there is a desire here to communicate information so that we can learn and grow.

Neptune is the planet of the 12th House, where he presides over the sign Pisces. Neptune invokes the collective, the unconscious, healing, madness, trauma, escape, addition, inspiration, and intuition. Together, the planets form a sort of binary, as Mercury rules over Virgo, and Neptune rules Pisces. These signs are astrological opposites, and seek to strike balance between the mundane (Virgo) and the divine (Pisces), the earthy root and the ephemeral tide. Both signs are concerned with healing, are humanitarian and compassionate, but their approaches to wholeness are divergent, in a sense.

All this is to say that the conjunction of Neptune and Mercury is no minor deal, especially since this is now a repetitive aspect struck between the two planets. Think back to conversations, struggles, confusion that arose around March 22nd-23rd to find more information about what is coming up again for you. This is the material you are asked to integrate post-retrograde. Make space for this new insight, breathe into it.

Retrograde is over, but Mercury is still in his shadow phase, and will pass through this subsequent haze through April 16th, when he (FINALLY) enters Aries. Till then, keep yourself on guard for more confusion, but keep in mind that transformation may be part and parcel of this weird state of affairs.

As though the planets know we are all desperate for a life-raft at this point, the Moon strikes an energized sextile to Saturn tonight around midnight. Saturn is the planet of self-mastery, time, restriction. With the Moon contacting this planet, we are encouraged to find new pathways toward pursuit of maturity, of wholeness. Remember that we’re engaged in a long-term dance. With the universe, with the planets, with our friends and lovers, with ourselves, our karmic pathways, traces of soul. It’s all here, and the truth is that we need to learn to work within restriction, work within our boundaries, as Saturn insists. This leads to long term growth.

Christina Farella