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Daily Forecasts

March 8, 2019

Early this morning, at 4:29am, the Moon forms an energized sextile to Venus, planet of love, money, and values. This imbues us with charm, warmth, and genuine affection. It’s a lovely day to spend with people you genuinely care for, as the luminary of emotions (Moon) supports and stimulates the planet of romantic connectivity. This is also a lovely aspect for art, and for expressing how you feel.

In the evening at 11:10pm, the Sun sextiles Saturn, making the night and tomorrow morning a perfect time to get to work on long-term projects that we’ve been chipping away at for a while now. With the Sun and Saturn corresponding to one another in this highly active manner, there is an effortless transformation of energy from mind to things that call for responsible, diligent, and methodical work. Not the most avant-garde of Friday night aspects, but I’ll personally take all the help from a supportive Saturn aspect I can get!

As we go about our days, we all have things that we know we’d rather be doing. Our passion projects simmer on the back burner until we are able to get to them. The trick is making sure your efforts don’t evaporate, which is what happens if we put too much time between our projects and our focus.

Saturn is a task-master. He makes us move slow. He is in charge of time. Putting one foot in front of the other is the only thing to do when Saturn is around. BUT. This aspect between Sun and Saturn brings some levity, some warmth, and some movement to our Saturn-tasks. I hope you all feel productive, engaged, and clear about your innate ability to get things done.

Christina Farella