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Daily Forecasts

March 31, 2019

The Moon is in Aquarius today, attuning our emotions to conversations around the future. Aquarius is idea-oriented, inventive, and curious in the progress of the group. Use this energy today to find new routes to your own personal future. Spending time with like-minded people today brings peace.

In the evening, the Moon sextiles Jupiter, planet of fertility and expansion. This is a fertile and optimistic aspect, and allows us to feel like we are on the path to growth.

Right after this aspect is struck between the Moon and Jupiter, the Moon goes void of course, meaning she is drifting from one sign to another, and isn’t quite under the purview of any sign in particular. When the Moon is void, we can and should make time to relax, and to be gentle with ourselves. We don’t need to put pressure on ourselves tonight to get anything in particular done. Let yourself coast a bit. Monday morning the Moon enters Pisces, but for now, let yourself just be.

Christina Farella