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Daily Forecasts

March 29, 2019

Early this morning the Moon in Capricorn catches up with Pluto, making this a day of potential eruptions and truths that rise to the surface. Pluto is the planet of obsession, revolution, and power struggle. With the Moon, the luminary of emotions, sharing space with this tenacious planet, unspoken feelings come up for evaluation. Our dreams may be extra intense the morning prior, so if you wake feeling yourself in a serious mood, this could indeed be the reason why. Let your honesty percolate fresh ways of speaking truth to power today.

In the evening, the Moon trines Mars, planet of action, and so we are filled with bravery, heat, and energy. We’ll be focused on challenging the status quo, but do so in a confident manner, as the trine between the Moon and Mars is harmonious in nature.

At 6:46pm the Moon enters Aquarius, the sign that blends tradition with futurity. For the next few days our hearts will be attuned to matters of social progress, visions of utopia, and connecting with like-minded people far and near. Let yourself get caught up in imagining what’s next, and put your heart in your plans for the future.

At 9:10pm the Moon squares off with Uranus, planet of invention. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and Saturn, traditionally), and this aspect is thus enriched in terms of its expression. Moon square Uranus brings shocks to the heart center, and like the earlier conjunction between the Moon and Pluto, we are here encouraged to destroy old ways of being. Do be careful with yourself, this aspect is a bit destabilizing.

Christina Farella