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March 28, 2019

Not a moment too soon, Mercury stations direct today. At last. While it’s true that there is no reason to fear or fret over Mercury retrograde, as this event is an opportunity for us to connect to things that were perhaps forgotten, untended to, or left behind, not all retrogrades express in the same way.

With Mercury stationed retrograde, we knew that communication and perception would be a bit skewed. With Mercury stationed retrograde in Pisces, the particular flavor of this retrograde was Neptunian, dreamy, and ridiculously removed from the trappings of reality.

Pisces is a mutable water sign, ruled by Neptune, planet of fantasy, dream, inspiration, intuition, madness, illness, and healing. It is the sign of the collective, and the energy that coalesces in the collective unconscious is anything but rational.

If things for the past few weeks have been wild for you, or confusing or dramatic, you are not alone. Pisces brings up themes of injury and subsequent healing, of confusion and subsequent clarity. Everything from bodily discomfort to emotional ache was on the table, and let me tell u, this astrologer ~felt it.

Mercury stations direct today, ending his retrograde phase, and over the next few days, the planet will slowly gain momentum again and begin to move forward, taking us along with it, thank goddess. We’ll still be in the shadow period through April 16th, so mind your boundaries, but for the most part, we should be able to stride forward again together.

Today in the afternoon the Moon forms a sextile to Mercury and Neptune, giving us the opportunity to feel activated in mind and heart, and inviting us to begin integrating the lessons of this retrograde season.

In the evening, at 10pm, the Moon catches up with Saturn in Capricorn. Here we are given an opportunity to focus or home in on our long-term goals. Check in with yourself about the progress you are making, and what else can be done to push you further down the path. Saturn is a heavy planet, and symbolizes self-mastery, restriction, and time. Here we are given the opportunity to work within and understand our limitations. Doing so reminds us that we are actually possessed of many of the resources we’re looking for outside of ourselves. Make a to-to list tonight, get focused, and take small steps to attaining these dreams. Saturn rewards diligence.

Christina Farella