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March 24, 2019

While we’re sleeping, or out and about around midnight, the Moon trines Mercury retrograde. Harmonious feelings are trying to flow from our communicative selves, but the final dregs of this retrograde energy makes this difficult. Try not to get too caught up in the details today, my dears.

At 4:25am the Moon connects with Saturn, planet of self-mastery. Today we find new ways to approach to our sense of purpose. If you’ve been struggling in this retrograde energy (as sooo many of us have!) this is like a cosmic life raft.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 10:26am, and our communicative sense (Mercury) is bathed in fantasy (Neptune). Another reminder that today is not a day to get fixated on the exactness of our feelings. Rather than articulate things in a “means to an end” kind of way, it is advised to get lost in the process of exploring your emotional reactions and needs. With Mercury retrograde conjunct Neptune, the only thing we can expect is echoes of intuition.

Soonafter, the Moon forms an energetic angle to Pluto, encouraging us to dig deep into our darkness and pull out what needs airing. We will be speaking truth to power today, and should feel empowered in this pursuit.

In the afternoon the Moon opposes Mars, making us jumpy, bossy, and impatient, as the planet of war and conquest bears down on our sensitive emotional luminary.

In the evening, the Moon squares Venus, another aspect that seeks to bring tension or pressure to our romantic relationships as well as our feelings around money or resources. This is a good opportunity to think before speaking/acting, and to find new and creative ways to deal with stress around love and money.

The Moon enters Sagittarius this evening at 11:06pm and so for the next two days we have an opportunity to first and foremost find ways to integrate the dark matter that was exhumed by the Moon in Scorpio, and secondly, we are encouraged to expand the edges of our heart and minds, as Sagittarius loves to loose arrows into unknown realms. The point is not to hit a particular target, but to lose yourself in the process of aiming at something remote, unknown, and distant.

Christina Farella