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Daily Forecasts

March 23, 2019

Today the Moon is in Scorpio. With the luminary of emotions in the sign of depth and psyche, our feelings too are attuned to what’s hidden. Here we are encouraged to let go of false attachments, fictions of the self. Scorpio is the sign that reminds us that illusions of wholeness are often just that - illusions. What’s required of us in this lifetime is to continually grow, break, and mend. Finding ways to engage the forms that exist in the realm of the unconscious will show us truer, richer ways of existing, both as individuals and as members of the collective.

Scorpio is attuned to truth, regardless of the consequences of engaging it. This is one of my favorite lessons of this sign. And though it can be destabilizing, there is so much to be gained by turning inward. We all have darkness beneath the exterior. Remember that in ancient Greek, “Pluto” means “riches.”

Today the Moon is trine Neptune, which is sitting in Pisces. Yesterday’s conjunction between the Sun and Chiron may have left us feeling really raw, exposed, unsure. Chiron is the asteroid of karmic pain and subsequent healing. From the conjunction between the Sun (ego) and Chiron (wound), we may find ourselves exhausted for the rest of the weekend, as we parse through the intense feelings that have been coming up non-stop.

Retrograde Mercury also made contact with Neptune yesterday, making our communicative abilities less than direct. There is a potential for our thoughts and words to have been bent, mirrored, or lost in a void.

Today’s contact between the Moon and Neptune brings us an opportunity for heart connection and sweet healing. Neptune is a planet that complicates things quite often with his foggy energy, but found in a harmonious trine with the Moon, our feelings become glowing gossamer. Reach for poetry and music, reach for play, reach for meditation. These activities will not necessarily ground you, but will bring you closer to your own heart.

Christina Farella