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Daily Forecasts

March 22, 2019

Today the Moon enters Scorpio, and for the next two days our emotions are focused, intently, on what lies beneath the surface. Scorpio is the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto, planets of aggression and revolution, conquest and obsession. There is power here, transformative and dark. But don’t forget that Scorpio is a water sign, and as such has wild and brilliant power for healing-if we let it sink beneath our skin. One of the hardest things to do is to go deep, go dark, go into our own personal underworlds. But in that space, there is room for richness, and for transformation.

At 1:39am the Moon squares Saturn, bringing tension to our hearts. If you started projects that you’re looking to see take off, you might awake this morning concerned about that to-do list. Saturn’s square to the moon makes us doubt our ability to pull things off as we need to. Return to your original plan and remind yourself of why you’re doing this work. There is power there.

At 7:30am the Moon squares off with Pluto, and again, we are struck by the painful or broken things that we keep in subterranean places. If you feel an ache, let it up and out. You can sob, even if it feels like there is glass in your throat. Acknowledging your pain clears the path ahead.

Later and in a more supportive manner, the moon sextiles Jupiter, encouraging us to find expansion and optimism for the here and now. Surround yourself with people who care for you, they want to sparkle with you this afternoon. Let people in and delight in the results.

Later, the Moon harmonizes with Venus, making us loving, sweet, charming. We’ll feel pretty, renewed, nourished. If you’re still feeling rocky from the more difficult energy of the early morning, hold a stone in your hands and feel it grow warm. That warmth is a reminder of your lifeforce, which hums beneath your exact skin, and is precisely yours.

In the evening the Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus, and there is an opportunity for either instability or inspiration to strike tonight. If you find yourself stepping out on the town, unexpected conversations or meetings may take place tonight, or otherwise strange synchronicities will call your attention to something you forgot.

Christina Farella