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Daily Forecasts

March 20, 2019

As we sleep, the Moon trines Saturn. From dream comes truth, from fantasy comes reality. Find ways to translate your gorgeous desires into solid plans, Saturn supports you today in this endeavor.

Soonafter, the moon opposes Mercury, which is still retrograde. It’s possible you’ll awake feeling jolted by a burst of new information, or circumstances may prove confusing as you move through the beginning of your day. The cosmos have so much for us to take in, today. Breathe through the chaos, if it finds you.

At 4:37am, Mars trines Pluto. This is a powerful combination, as the rulers of Scorpio support one another in this harmonious aspect. We’re imbued with Scorpionic clarity, bravery, and force, as this aspect encourages us to come to powerful new conclusions, and find the strength to vanquish our most frustrating issues.

The Moon trines Pluto at 7:04am, and here truth and insight bubble up from the depths. We’ll be speaking directly from the heart today, finding ourselves unafraid of speaking truth to power, and this will be the catalyst for great change in our lives.

Just as the moon trines Pluto, she also trines Mars, as they sit conjunct one another. Again, this is a recipe for bravery, for supported action, and for warm clarity.

At 7:28am Mercury forms an energetic sextile to Saturn, and we are reminded here to continue making those to-do lists for the days after Mercury retrograde. Mercury sextile Saturn brings us clarity of mind, wit, and tongue, and empowers us to find fresh routes on the path to self-mastery. Not all of our problems will be solved by this, as Mercury is still retrograde, but I like to remind you of the potential of this aspect for your own energy, vision, and planning.

The Moon squares Jupiter at 8:22am, and we may feel restricted or unsure of where to turn. Lucky for us, fresh energy is just around the corner, as the Sun enters Aries at 2:59pm.

A fresh astrological year has arrived, and not a moment too soon. Today is the vernal equinox, as well as the first day of Aries time, AS WELL AS the full moon in Libra. Beginning and end, release and gather, inhale, exhale, it is all here before us.

The moon reaches fullness at 6:43pm, in the sign Libra, opposing the Sun. I’ll devote another post to the symbolism of this moment, but clocking in at 0° Libra, this full moon is a significant, critical moment of fresh start for us all.

Christina Farella