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Daily Forecasts

March 19, 2019

Today the moon passes through the sign Virgo, attuning us to rituals of the body, internal rhythms that manifest in outward expressions of healing and helping. Matters around our day jobs will suddenly seem more pertinent. We might be tempted to try to get some new details straight, but do remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so nothing will necessarily able to be set in stone!

Today the Moon opposes Neptune. Imagine a lavender mist covering all of our systems of communication, feeling, and expression. No information transmitted save for projections of dreams and stream of consciousness language. This is the vibe of today’s contact between the Moon and Neptune. If today, you feel like you are soaking in a dream, it’s because you are. Find ways to engage the inspiration that comes through, prismatic, before the energy leaves us. Abandon any notions of making sense.

Christina Farella