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Daily Forecasts

March 18, 2019

This morning in the small hours, the moon opposes Venus, bringing tension and pressure to our heart-spaces. There is lots of culmination happening this week, as Pisces season winds down and a fresh astrological year begins on Wednesday. Now is the time to be really checking in with yourself about the weight of your feelings, and how your relationships bring validation as well as discomfort. Are you growing?Or are things a little too compressed? Ask yourself this today, especially as you wake, and start a fresh week.

At 5:06am the moon squares off with Mars, another moment of pressure, conflict, disruption. If you feel like you leap out of bed this morning with dreams of discord around your ears, take good care. Breathe deeply. Pressure builds in the chest due to this aspect, but we can move through it together. Be mindful of your temper as you begin your day.

Things look up after that, though, as the moon trines Jupiter, planet of expansion and fertility, at 8:19am. Here we bloom. We are able to open up today as a result of this contact between the luminary of the emotions and the planet of growth. Find new ways to express yourself on an emotional level, and Jupiter will find a way to harmoniously support your endeavors.

In the evening the moon trines Uranus, bringing inspiration, curiosity, and a touch of genius to your plans. You may receive a burst of new insight regarding an old problem, especially one pertaining to your emotional well-being. I hope you feel supported as you envision your future.

Christina Farella