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March 12, 2018

Hello hello, it is Tuesday and at 8:48am the moon enters Gemini, the mutable air sign of expression, imagination, language, and dreams. Ordinarily I’d say that with the moon in Gemini, we’d be able to take a step back from the watery feel of Pisces time, just for a moment, due to Gemini’s airy nature. But Gemini is ruled by Mercury, who is retrograde. This doesn’t mean that logic is out of reach, but rather, that we are bending our perception of reality around mirrors tucked in corners these days.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, logic is filtered through imagination, intuition, and dream. Logic comes from a deeper place than the mind, at the moment, and with this rearrangement of perception comes new insight. If Pisces season is an ocean with its own poetic current, it makes little sense to fight against the flow. We are being led down new paths by Mercury’s backward motion, and down into deeper caves with the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury in Pisces.

All the while, if you feel a call to engage this Gemini energy, remember that Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is the only god who can travel both up to Mount Olympus as well as down to Hades. Mercury delivers messages from on high, as well as leads us into the underworld, or into the realm of dream at night. There is as much information in the realm of shadow as there is in the daylight world. Moon in Gemini while Mercury is retrograde in Pisces is a reminder of this.

Phew! At 2:31am the Moon connects with that pesky Mercury rx, which makes all of the above more potent, as the luminary of emotions connects with our beloved retrograding Mercury. This is definitely a morning when we might wake up with a piece of dream stuck to our skin. Do take care to understand what you peel off, untangle, or otherwise react to.

That’s all for today. Sending you all flowers from Mercury.

Christina Farella