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February 21, 2019

The Moon enters Libra today, my dears. Libra is a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus, goddess of love, aesthetics, and resources. Libra is famed for her beauty, her sweet demeanor, and her style. More importantly though, Libra is the sign of justice. Remember her glyph, the golden scales. In Libra, Venus’s influence is one of beauty as well as one of balance, harmony, and the fair and just resolution of unequal circumstance.

With the Moon in Libra we are asked to consider the balance of things, how we contribute to this balance, and what we can do to move toward greater harmony, both personally and on a collective basis. Libra governs the seventh house, the house of partnerships. The Moon in Libra reminds us of the importance of reaching out, of connecting in harmony so that we can stride together towards a place where justice reigns.

There are no other exact aspects today. Take some time to finish integrating the lessons, insight, experiences that the Full Moon in Virgo brought to your attention. Under the Libra Moon today we can find balance within and without, a lovely astrological opportunity to take a breath before we press forward.

Christina Farella