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Daily Forecasts

February 19, 2019

The Moon moves into Virgo and at 0° strikes an opposition with the Pisces Sun. Et voila! A full moon in Virgo is here for us all. With connections to mythic healers like Chiron, mythic queens like Persephone, doulas, midwives, and all kinds of attendants of small creatures, the Full Moon in Virgo is here to initiate a new cycle of healing, of connectivity, and of health. 

At 5:51am the Moon trines Uranus, and we feel supported by our electric and intuitive insights. Inspiration comes suddenly, and we may be surprised by conversations that come from our heart spaces. Follow that lighting bolt, let it lead you somewhere new. 

At 12:31pm the Moon trines Mars, imbuing us with bravery, and keeping us warm. Mars is the planet of passion, conquest, and sexual aggression. With his trine to the Moon we receive emotional support, and are able to feel sure of ourselves. 

Later on at 6:39pm the planet of communication, Mercury, forms an activated sextile to Saturn, planet of self-mastery. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to progress in our personal projects, and to feel like we can talk about growth. Sextiles are energetic angles, and this conversation struck up between the planet of language and intellect and the planet of boundaries and time can only help us form a plan for our path forward. I believe in you!

Christina Farella