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Weekly Horoscopes - February 24 - March 2

The Week of February 24 - March 2, 2019

| The Week Ahead | February 24 - March 2, 2019 |

Hello and welcome, sweet readers, to Something Next to Your Voice #1. I’m so happy to have you here with me. 

The week ahead will be one of release. We are moving toward the New Moon in Pisces, which arrives next week, March 6th. On our way toward the New Moon, we should be thinking of ways to empty our baskets, lightening the burden we shoulder each day, little by little. This is, of course, easier said than done. But with that said, perhaps we can try to do it together. 

The Moon will move from the darkness of the underworld, through the houses of higher learning and reputation, finally landing in the house of social progress. We can trace a lunar arc, therefore, from the depths of the underworld to the heights of futurity.

Sunday starts off with an intense and energizing sextile struck between the Moon and Saturn/Pluto, both of which are in Capricorn. This is a power move, a fantastic jumping off point for us to feel empowered to push forward into Monday with a sureness and clarity of purpose. Saturn and Pluto have been in Capricorn for quite some time, and for the past few years we have been slowly but surely refining our goals, figuring out what it is we want, and how to get there. I commend you on these efforts, my dear. If you feel as though you are still lost at sea, this aspect encourages and empowers you to put some time in finding ways to translate dream to reality. Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is about purpose, clarity, responsibility, and depth. Heavy things, but taken in combination with the Moon, it’s like we’re given a shimmering pool through which to transmit our desires, and find ways to move forward. 

On Tuesday the 26th, the Moon will be in her last quarter phase, another reminder to release, undo, untangle. Situated in a difficult square to Neptune, Tuesday brings us confusion, the desire to slip back into fantasy. On the Wednesday 27th we’ll see the Moon meet up with Jupiter, bringing optimism and expansion to our hearts. The same day the Sun sextiles Mars, and we’ll feel extra energized. Mark this day on your calendar as one that is rich with opportunity, that is, if you are willing to take a leap of faith. 

On the 1st of March, the planet of love, money, aesthetics, and values, Venus, squares off with Uranus, making this a day of bizarre mishaps and sudden strange meetings. Uranus and Venus don’t understand one another in this configuration, and we might receive a shock in our love lives, or in areas related to values/money. This combined with Venus’s ingress (change of sign) into Aquarius will make the day special. 

Venus will be in fixed air sign Aquarius through March 26th. In this time, we’ll be asked to evaluate our approaches to love and money from the perspective of the water bearer. Aquarius is a loveably strange sign, in my opinion. I consider them the genius inventor, the electrified outsider, of the zodiac. They think deeply about social change and strive to bring us closer to a utopian future. 

Venus governs our love sense, and so with Venus in Aquarius our affections will be expressed in intellectual, offbeat ways. We may find ourselves in impassioned conversations about love and its meaning. We may argue around the point of the definition of affection and how to show it. People may be more inspired to plan, to converse, than to express love in more earthy or embodied ways. And there is value in this. Venus in Aquarius makes us tilt our head to the side in love, and see the world on an electrified slant. That shift in perspective is sometimes all it takes to change your mind, change your world. 

We’ll wrap up the week with the Moon coming to rest conjunct Pluto and Saturn, thus echoing the sextile to Pluto and Saturn that the Moon made on Sunday. Here we have another change to refine ideas about power we had on Sunday. Sextiles are energizing, and conjunctions indicate merge. Saturn and Pluto conjunct the Moon puts pressure on us, no doubt. We may feel like the walls are closing in on us, as the shadows of these outer planets creep close to our hearts. With that said, this is a passionate planetary call to arms. This is the time to make your plans. In dreams, we can blend ourselves with other beings, other images. The conjunction of Moon with Saturn/Pluto makes it so that we can reach into the dream mirror, and grab the wrist of what we most want. Do not fear the shadow, my friends. It is showing you the way forward. 

| Horoscopes for All Signs |

| Aries + Aries Rising | 

This week sees you trying to find ways to translate what lies in your darkest depths to the daylight world. There’s a fair change you’ve got a lot on your mind these days, Aries, as the Moon draws your attention to matters of psyche, as well as matters of reputation. You’ll receive a boost of energy related to career matters on the 24th, as the Moon’s sextile to Saturn and Pluto brings a burst of energy to this area of your chart - perfect for starting the week. The Moon’s conjunction with Jupiter on the 27th, along with your ruling planet, Mars’s sextile to the Sun on the same day makes this one of sparkling intensity for you. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there this week. On March 1st, Venus enters your house of friendship and social change, inspiring you to think intimately about how your relationships support your utopian ideals, and this will stand for the next month. 

| Taurus + Taurus Rising |

Sweet Taurus, this week brings a focus to your relationships and as well as highlights questions around your personal philosophy, what its values are, and how solid it is at the moment. Your ruling planet, Venus, has been wrapping up her time in Capricorn and is getting ready to move into Aquarius, which could be why you’re feeling a little antsy, or ready for what’s next. On the 24th, your house of learning, spirituality, and philosophy gets a boost of energy. You’ll be called to find new ways to broaden your horizons. Though you are so intelligent, there are definitely moments where you’d rather stay in your comfort zone than branch out. On the 27th you’ll be given an opportunity to connect with your shadow, your deepest pools of psyche. Spend some time with yourself, ask yourself what you are truly after. On the 1st, your ruler Venus shifts from Capricorn to Aquarius, bringing luck and beneficence to your house of career. She’ll be here for the next month, so there is much to look forward to. 

| Gemini + Gemini Rising |

Hello hello you intelligent twin. Your ruler, Mercury is currently in his shadow period, the period of time before he stations retrograde on March 5th. With your ruler in Pisces you may be feeling a little extra sensitive, like your feet aren’t quite meeting the ground. That’s alright, these transits each serve a purpose, I believe. On the 25th, the Moon makes a harmonious trine to Mercury, making this a beautiful day for important conversations you’ve been needing to have. You’ll be heard, and able to express yourself clearly. The 27th brings focus to your relationships, your sense of harmony, and balance both internally and externally, as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in your house of partnership. On March 1st, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, bringing harmonious fertility to your house of philosophy and learning. She’ll be here for a month, allowing you to take some time to expand your horizons in the weeks ahead.

| Cancer + Cancer Rising |

Sweet Cancer, how are you? The week ahead will see you feeling called to connect with rhythms of ritual around the body, and will find you focusing on your relationships. On the 24th the Moon, your ruler, sextiles Saturn and Pluto, which will activate your house of partnership. Important conversations may happen at this time around issues of giving and receiving. You are so good at providing love and comfort to others, and this week you ned to remember to find balance for yourself as well. On the 26th your ruler squares off with Neptune, casting the day in a haze of confusion and fantasy. Be mindful of falling prey to things that seem to good to be true, my dear. The 27th will bring you energy to connect with rituals of health and your body. Get in loving touch with your physical being this week. On March 1st Venus moves into your house of psyche, encouraging you for the next month to engage with your shadow. She’ll be there for the next month, and this will be a time to consider the hidden corners of your own personal underworld, your needs, your traumas, and your paths to healing. 

| Leo + Leo Rising | 

Hello dear Leo, this week finds you thinking a lot about your sense of creative fertility, your home life, your body, and your relationships. The Sun, your ruling planet, receives resistance from the Moon on the 26th, making it hard to express yourself properly, my dear. But on the 27th the Sun receives heat, passion, and power from Mars, energizing you to think deeply about what exists in your unconscious. On the 27th, you receive a blessing in terms of your artistic creativity. This is an amazing day to catch up on art projects, writing that you’ve put to the side, or to engage in any kind of act of self-expression, as the Moon rests conjunct Jupiter in your house of creativity. On March 1st, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius, bringing blessings to your house of relationships. The planet of love, money, and art, occupies this house for the next month, making it a beautiful time to connect with people important to you, as well as really do some deep thinking about your boundaries in love and partnership. How are your needs met? Do you get as much as you give? The month ahead asks you to meditate on all of the above, and to make space for yourself in that process. 

| Virgo + Virgo Rising | 

Hello Virgo, I hope you are well. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is in his shadow period, that stretch of time when the planet gears up for his retrograde phase, which begins on March 5th. With Mercury in Pisces, you may be feeling extra vocal in your partnerships, as you try to work out just where important boundaries lie with people you spend time with. On the 24th, you’ll receive a boost of power in matters of artistic creativity, as the Moon sextiles Saturn and Pluto in your fifth house. There may be confusion in communication on the 26th as the Moon squares Neptune, casting fog around the relationships sector of your natal chart. On the 27th, you’ll receive blessings in the domestic sphere, as the Moon meets up with Jupiter. This is a beautiful time to revel in the pleasure of your private life, and to find fertility in that which is hidden from the public eye. On March 1st Venus enters Aquarius, and for the next month matters of love with be played out in terms of rituals of the body. How does your love life serve your health? Do you need stronger boundaries in love? Do you need to release control over other expectations that don’t actually help you live well? you’ll have a few weeks to contemplate all of the above, with Venus in Aquarius. 

| Libra + Libra Rising | 

Libra, your ruling planet, Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius this week. If you feel like you have been kept on the edge of your seat for way too long, this is likely because Venus is wrapping up her time in Capricorn. The final degrees of any sign are about closure. I encourage you to tie up loose ends before March 1st, when Venus makes her ingress into Aquarius. On the 24th, you’ll be invigorated to pay close attention to the state of your home life, setting new goals and boundaries for your continued vitality there. On the 26th, you may feel some phantom or psychosomatic discomfort, as the Moon squares Neptune casting confusion over your house of health. The 27th sees blessings in the communication sector of your chart, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter. Speak freely, passionately, and in the name of progress. On March 1st Venus enters Aquarius bringing new excitement to your art projects for the month ahead. 

| Scorpio + Scorpio Rising | 

Dear Scorpio, how are you doing, my dear? This week kicks off with you feeling invigorated in your communicative projects and energies, as the Moon’s sextile to Saturn and Pluto lights up your house of language. The 27th brings energy and vitality to your house of finances, senses, and values, as the Moon meets up with Jupiter in your second house. This is a fantastic day for starting new projects around finances, or that require artistic leaps of faith. I believe in you! On March 1st, Venus leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. For the next month the planet of love, money, and passion will light up the house of the domestic self, the private self, and roots of the family space. You will be able to explore new energies around questions of home and family. What constitutes a feeling of sanctity? What does it look like to be kept sacred, loved, understood? How do you cultivate rituals of self-care behind closed doors? All of this will be of importance for the next month, and Venus in Aquarius will provide some quirky and inventive insight to bring a feeling of course-correct to any sticky places of stagnation in the home. 

| Sagittarius + Sagittarius Rising | 

Sweet Sagittarius, hello hello. This week finds you invigorated in terms of defining a concrete set of values to live by, as the Moon’s sextile to Saturn and Pluto lights up your second house. The 27th will be a special day for you, as the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, your ruling planet, and this lights up your house of willpower, identity, and selfhood. You’ll feel extra grand today, and should celebrate yourself if you can! On March 1st Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, and for the next month you will be able to redefine some important matters around your communicative powers and how they impact your love and relationships. Venus will be here for a month, ample time to find space to redefine how you speak about love, money, and passion. 

| Capricorn + Capricorn Rising | 

Capricorn, this week brings you a jolt of personal power as the Moon sextiles Saturn and Pluto, lighting up your house of personal identity. If you’re feeling yourself, please, go on! This is an energetic moment for you, my dear. With that said, the 26th brings hazy confusion to your sense of language and communication, as the Moon squares off with Neptune. Keep detail oriented conversations to a minimum if you can, and wait until tomorrow to connect with those who want answers from you. On the 27th, I want you to take a breather. It is time to rest, as the Moon meets up with Jupiter in the house of dreams, healing, and the unconscious. I know you don’t like to stop moving, but it’s in your best interest to do so, just for the day. On March 1st Venus enters Aquarius, and so for the next month you will be encouraged to think about money, how you use it, where it goes when you get it, and the power that comes from controlling it to your benefit. 

| Aquarius + Aquarius Rising | 

Hi sweet Aquarius, I hope you’re feeling well. Venus enters your sign this week, making this a beautiful and extra lucky month for you. The week starts off with you needing to take some private time for yourself. If you feel the need to step away from the crowd, please do so. Powerful planets are asking you to retreat, to find some space for healing in the process. On the 27th, you’ll find that the beautiful friendships you have cultivated thus far give you a great feeling of strength, love, and power. Reach out to people who you know have your back. They’ll bring you a renewed sense of fertility and optimism. On March 1st, Venus moves into Aquarius! This brings you a renewed sense of power in terms of your identity, your will, and your vision of yourself as an individual. Venus crowns you with luminous flowers, as you carry the influence of the goddess and planet of love and money with you through the month. I love this for you. 

| Pisces + Pisces Rising | 

Last but never least, ever, dear sweet Pisces, hello! This week finds you feeling energized around trusted confidantes. People you have been working with on projects, especially projects outside of your day job, will bring you a sense of optimism and energy. Speak bravely about the future you long to cultivate. That’s the only way you’ll bring it to fruition. On the 27th, your house of public persona receives an upgrade, as the Moon catches up with lucky Jupiter. You’ll be extra alluring to those who view you from afar. If new opportunities arise, consider them an exciting path forward. On March 1st Venus leaves Capricorn and enters a very sacred part of your chart, the 12th house, the house of the soul. The next month will be one where you are encouraged to focus on deep healing. Venus brings blessings to the realm of your unconscious mind, and asks you to engage with your psyche, your shadow, so that you can find a sense of connection with and integration with what lies beneath your surface. You’ll have all month to plumb these depths, so take it slow, and make sure you get plenty of rest! 

I know I said I would also include musings on other topics, but I have a terrible cold! So I will leave you with a Björk song that I believe captures my enthusiasm for having you here, reading my words. I think a lot about “gates,” about portals that take us to new places, either in love or in loss, in failure, in confusion. This song is a testament to that, I think. 

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Until next week, my friends. Thank you for sitting in the space next to your voice. 



Christina Farella